The Art of Living Sensually Workshop

Have you ever wondered how some people float through their daily lives as if they were making love to everything in their path? Sounds yummy, ya?
Using the teachings from the Tantric and Taoist traditions, we will explore what sexual energy is and how to open into and move through it using pranayama, visualization, and body movement exercises. We will then use these in combination for a slow-flow, candle-lit, and ultra sexy yoga class. ?By the end of this workshop you will feel open to experiencing greater sensation of your surrounding space and able to make even your dullest of days vibrant with sensuality. ? Vegan Chef Lizzie Pereira will be providing tasty raw vegan treats designed to increase libido and satisfy your senses.? Reserve your spot today @ @createyogaspace

On Wednesdays we flow sensually at Create Yoga Studio in Santa Monica, CA. Flow oh so slow and sensually through sexy beats and asanas designed to help you drop down into the body and increase sensitivity for all your sexy playtime. ? And after every class hangout with me for Cat’s Corner where we can drink tea, eat cookies, and talk all things sex, love, and yoga. Q+A welcome ?

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