Meditation is the act of learning to be able to sit with yourself in a state of quiet, single focus, contemplation, and reflection. Much research has shown meditation to be beneficial for persons in learning to cope with medical problems, issues with concentration and attention, stress, anxiety, depression, and emotion instability. There exists a multitude of variations of meditation that you and I can explore and decide what will be the best fit for you. I have experience working with persons ranging from those who are completely new to meditation to those who are experienced and/or advanced in their practice.

Meditation sessions can be done individually, as couple, or in groups/classes and can occur as a stand alone treatment or conjoint as a part of our usual psychotherapy sessions.


Increase intimacy and energetic, spiritual bond with your partner through the couple specific meditative exercises based from the Tantric tradition.

Groups or classes

I do offer group meditation sessions and classes. Group sessions can occur in 1 and 2 hour increments depending on the needs of your group. We can discuss the details that would be most convenient and pertinent to your group.

I begin each session with a breathing, or pranayama, practice. This allows the client to settle, clear, and connect the mind and the body into a safe, healing space. I then lead the client through a series of meditative practices dependent upon the client’s level of previous experience and physical/emotional/mental need. Following practice we will spend time processing your experience and discuss helpful tips and tools for deepening your practice. We will then discuss and devise a plan to carry the practice in manageable time and frequency throughout the week until the next session.

While I have knowledge and training in many types of meditation, I am a trained meditation guide through the Self Awareness Institute. The following description of Shaktipat was taken in part from the Self Awareness Institute.

Shaktipat is Sanskrit for the spiritual energy that creates, sustains, and directs all life. It is the spiritual force guiding people to experience feelings of bliss. Shaktipat is traditionally conveyed by a guru or teacher to a student through various means, including: thought, sight, word, sound, or touch. Similar to radio tower picking up frequencies, the student tunes into the transmission from the teacher as they acclimate to the level of consciousness being transmitted.

Shaktipat facilitates the awakening of consciousness by drawing upon the energy and awareness of the student. The more open and receptive the student is, the stronger the experience and consciousness can be achieved.

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Want more resources for guided meditation? UCLA has great recordings to guide your practice. The Hammer museum also has free weekly mindfulness sessions that you can attend on Thursdays. You can check them out here .