Couples & Poly Work

When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there? –Thich Nhat Hanh

Relationships and marriages are beautiful experiences…and they take work! From daily stressors that build up to major life events, having another human being or beings included requires us to act and speak in consideration of them, as well. Most relationship issues can be resolved given the partners are open and willing to work on them together. When concerns go unsaid, maladaptive habits continue, staleness, or lack of self-care occur, they can cause major strain on the relationship.

Couples can benefit from working with me for numerous reasons, whether that be in preparation for marriage, healing from an affair, codependency, stress from raising a family, conflict of culture, financial conflict, jealousy, sexual difficulties, and conflict of family/gender expectations.
Working with me will address many aspects of the relationship, healthy communication being only one piece to the intricate dynamic. Understanding family messages, expectations, and roles, as well as gaining skills for self-care, emotion regulation, and habit identification are all components to creating the healthy, conscious relationship you seek.

I believe the strongest relationships and marriages are the ones you define for yourself. Understanding and communicating the expectations, roles, and rules of every aspect of your union makes clear the boundaries rather than rely on assumptions.

With this in mind, I also work with relationships consisting of more than two partners, including but not limited to open relationships, polyamory, swingers, mono/poly combo, and monoamory. I help you navigate through some of the “hang-ups” by emphasizing and utilizing the strengths of your particular relationship structure.

You and your partner or partners have a right to be in a happy, safe, secure, relationship. Let’s work together to gain that back.