Sensual Yoga Flow Class

A growing body of research has shown yoga to have  immediate psychological effects including decreasing anxiety and depression, and increasing feelings of emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Simultaneously, yoga has also been shown to aid in physical health such as  in cardiovascular disease, obesity, muscular tension, and anxiety. All of which affect or sexuality and/or adrenal systems that help with hormone production.

A consistent yoga practice conditions your body to respond differently to stress. You put yourself into a stressful pose that triggers stress hormones to be released into the body. Then you take a deep breath, relax into it, and tell yourself that you will be okay. We do this over and over throughout class, each time relaxing deeper and releasing tension from tight areas of our body. Over time, you will find that you start responding differently to stress in a way that is easier and quicker to manage.

So whether it’s the poor circulation, anxiety, racing thoughts, lack of presence in your body, fatigue from overworking, or depression that is causing your sex life to be lacking, come yoga flow with me every week and let’s get it revved up again. 🙂

Join me at my new home at Create Yoga Studio in Santa Monica on Wednesdays at 8pm where we will be flowing oh-so-slowly and sensually through sexy beats and asanas designed to help you drop down into the body and increase sensitivity for all your sexy playtime  And after every class hangout with me for Cat’s Corner where we will have tea, cookies, and talks about sex, love, and yoga. ❤ I’ll also be teaching a playful yoga-pilates fusion class on Monday mornings at 7:30am. Check the website for more details.

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