Imagine stepping out of the context of your daily routine and stepping in to a luscious and exotic space brimming with sensuality, self-discovery, playfulness, and empowerment. That’s what you will experience when you join me for one of my many retreats designed for own personal self-growth.
Our environment plays a big role on maintaining our behavior. Not good when we are trying to change these old patterns that don’t serve us anymore!
Research suggests that the best time to begin to break/change habits is when we are in a new environment. We need time enough to get out of the cycle that feeds back into the behaviors and really look at the components that are contributing to the cycle. We need to look at what our intentions are behind each of these components and ask ourselves are they really in alignment with what we want.

Whew! Sounds like work. Of course there will be lots of laughs, playfulness, and oh so many adventures. 😉
Check out the upcoming retreats below and contact me with any questions.
Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Retreats

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Past Retreats

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