Does my insurance cover these services?

Questions to ask your insurance provider:

• Does my policy cover out-of-network providers?
• What is the out-of-network rate?
• How much does my coverage pay per visit?
• Do I have a maximum number of visits or maximum dollar amount per calendar year?
• How much is my deductible?
• What is the reimbursement policy?
• Does my policy have a requirement regarding licensure and degree (i.e. MD, Psy.D., M.S.W, M.A.)?

How long will I need to have services?

This can be a difficult question because everyone who comes in to work on themselves are on different levels of motivation, self-knowledge, and willingness to look at and accept difficult patterns and truths. You and I can talk about what your expectations for working with me look like and we can design a plan and timeline specific to your needs.

Can I combine different services?

am happy to help you create the program that fits best for you. Some of my clients have found that during their reiki session that a lot of mental and emotional pain comes up and are keeping them from living optimally; and therefore, we combine therapy work as a way to further identify and shift themselves into healing and maintaining balance. Others have found the use of yoga combined with therapy/coaching as beautiful compliment by physically getting into blocked areas of the body that are preventing optimal energy flow. Call me for a complimentary consultation and we can discuss what the perfect program for you would look like!

We tried couples therapy before and it didn’t work. How do I know this will be different?

It can be scary coming in to take a deeper look at the relationship and what is preventing it from being one that is not functioning at its optimal level. It’s even more difficult to look at and own our own part in that cycle of underfunctioning. First, couples therapy requires both (or more) partners to be committed in staying in the relationship for the duration of our work. If divorce or separation is on the table as an option, then no one is going to feel safe enough to be their authentic and honest self. Security is key to a thriving relationship. Second, both partners (or more) must be willing to own their contribution to the cycle of underfunctioning. In any interaction, it includes the part of at least two people. What is your part?

What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching and therapy can look very similar in that they are both conducted in a way to reveal your strengths, identify barriers that keep you from being your highest Self, and utilizing practical tools to keep your momentum for growth going. The difference come from legal and technical terms and qualifications. As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, you can be sure that I have my Masters in MFT and completing my dissertation for my doctorate degree. This also ensures that I have completed over 3000 hours of clinical experience before I am allowed to sit for licensing. Being licensed in the state of California, I can only work with therapy clients who reside in California. This also allows many of my clients to be able to receive reimbursement through their insurance companies should they choose to use Superbills. As a coach, I work with you in identifying those barriers and give structure and support in progressing forward. This types of work can be designed exactly as you need it, whether that’s a few sessions just to give you direction and back on track, or longer intensives for really shaking things up. Coaching also allows for more flexibility since I am able to extend my services in regards to sexuality and self-growth across state lines and meet with you on the phone or online. While both therapy and coaching explore in-depth your process and what keeps you in these maladaptive patterns, coaching will be more action-oriented and include intensive assignments for you to continue your work in-between our sessions.


I truly believe in the power of therapy and coaching and I want you to experience it’s power. Sometimes we choose not to work on ourselves only because it is something we cannot afford and we feel we have other financial priorities that are more important than our own health. Let me see if I can relieve some of that worry for you. I want my services to be accessible and that’s why I work on a sliding scale basis. This means that I do reserve a few spots for a reduction of the cost for therapy and coaching sessions. If these spots are full, I am happy to put you on a waiting list until another spot opens up. Workshops and retreat prices will be individually decided and can be found on their respective pages. Contact me for quotes on leading workshops or private retreats for your group!

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

Contact me and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.