We as women wear many hats, perform many duties, and nurture many loved ones that we sometimes find ourselves feeling depleted and our light glowing dimmer. How important it is for us to step outside of our busy lives to reconnect to nature, our fellow sisters, and ourselves on a deeper, more loving and supportive level. Join sex and relationship expert Dr. Cat and plant-based gourmet chef, Lizzie Pereira as they take you out of the buzz of the city and deep into the serenity of the mountains on 10 acres of lush greenery and river on site. Coming in Friday evening until we part Sunday afternoon, our days will comprise of morning yoga and meditation practice, hiking in nature, hot springs, workshops for self-exploration around topics of sensuality, sexuality, and self-care. Gourmet meals will be provided by Chef Lizzie Pereira who will also be leading experiences around the healing properties of food specifically for women. You’ll leave this weekend not only having found a deeper connection with yourself and your fellow sisters, but also feeling light and revitalized with an inner stillness to carry with you into your week ahead.
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October 14-16
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Total cost of attendance is $400 (+ processing fee) and will include all meals and materials for activities while you are here.
Located in Three Rivers, CA. Let us know if you’re interested in carpooling and we can connect you with other attendees.
For any questions contact drcatmeyer@gmail.com or elizabeth.pereira12@gmail.com