In a society that is inundated with messages and images of sexual disempowerment and fear, we can often develop barriers that prevent us from truly being present with and celebrating our own selves as sexual beings. What we don’t realize is how much these barriers to our sexuality are affecting the other aspects of our lives, as well.

I had the honor to co-lead and witness the transformations of beautiful women at my retreat Radiate. Teamed with the co-founders of Soulscape Journey, we took the women on a journey to come back to themselves so they could truly open and embrace their sexual birthright. Combining teachings of yoga, energy work, psychology, evolutionary astrology and sacred sexuality to provide a unique and holistic experience with other women seeking the same.

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My experience as a leader was incredible as I saw the women practicing being vulnerable and sharing and challenging the stories that had been holding power over them for so long. Many of these stories were similar to one another showing the group that they were not alone in their experiences and that they could come together to support and heal.

As a leader, I saw the vision of my personal mission come to life: a world in which women come together to use their gifts to create and uplift instead of compete and destroy. If as a society we supported women and their sexual being, THIS type of supportive interaction, imagine what we could accomplish.

Stay tuned for more awesome upcoming events and workshops for men and women.

Be well.




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