Conscious Relationships

To become aware of our self, our partner, and our surroundings in order to create the love and peace we deserve.

Sex Expert

Helping you navigate the complex realities of sex and truly open and embrace your sexual birthright.

Holistic View

Looking at and treating the self as an intricate interaction between the mind, body, spirit.


Offering EMDR treatment for processing trauma and stuck past disturbing events.

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Combining the power of Yoga and Sex to help you open through the body,

heighten your senses, and connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level.

Discover daily inspirations, articles, and videos on all things sex, love, and yoga.

When we understand the barriers that keep us from ourselves, we can open ourselves to the infinite power and possibilities that is us

Retreats & Workshops

Experience coming home to yourself and opening up to your highest potential in any one of my unique and varied retreats and workshops.

Combining the teachings of yoga, energy work, psychology, and sacred sexuality to provide you with a unique and holistic experience with others seeking more, just like yourself.

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