As females, our sexual energy is our life energy, putting color and passion into everything that we do, create, and be.

The problem is that over the years we have developed so many layers of “protection” that keep us from feeling fully
alive and connected with our bodies and sexuality.
In this two day-long workshop, we will be using the archetypes of Lilith and Eve, both wives of Adam from the tale in
the Garden of Eden, to explore what it means to be a sexual and empowered woman in this world. Dr. Cat Meyer, sex
and relationship therapist, will lead you through a journey comprised of yoga, psychology, Tantric teaching, body
movement, and breath work to not only identify those barriers that are keeping you from your power, but recognizing
how you can step forward and reclaim your sexual birth-rite.
This workshop is for all levels and women seeking to uplevel their passion in their lives and fall in love with

April 1 and 2, 2017

11am-5pm each day

Ra Yoga Studio (Ra University Building)

18242 W McDurmott, Ste. A

Costa Mesa, CA 92614

$140 for members, $160 for non-members

Lead by Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD. LMFT

Sign up today through Ra Yoga Studio

**snacks and tea will be provided however, you are welcome to bring your own

Dr. Cat Meyer is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist #88224, sex and relationship expert, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. She brings her unique backgrounds in education together for a holistic look at evolving the relationships we have surrounding sex and our bodies through transformational workshops, retreats, and private practice.

Dr. Cat is also the co-host of the popular podcast Eat Play Sex in iTunes Helping you IGNITE your love life so you can get back to play and pleasure in everything you DO.