How ‘Cliterate’ are you?

Did you know that the clitoris had 8000 nerve endings while the penis has only 4000??

Or that the only purpose found for the structure of the clitoris is for pleasure?

Or that the clitoris is WAY more than the little button that peeks out? It actually extends back into the body and looks more like a ‘wishbone’!

Or that the majority of women need stimulation of the clitoris in sex in order to orgasm rather than internal stimulation from just penetration alone?

Let’s be real. The clitoris is a badass. And yet do we really know her full potential?

This weekend at the AASECT conference for sex therapy and education, I got to sit down with Dr. Laurie Mintz to get ‘cliterate’ at the UMIE pleasure toy booth. We talked everything from how yoga can help you drop back into the body and into pleasurable sensation to why so many of us busy, empire-building women are tired and have ZERO sex drive.

Check out the full video here from YouTube!

Stay tuned as we’ll be having Dr. Laurie on Eat.Play.Sex. podcast this summer!

Want more pleasure for your clitoris?

Check out our episode 16 of Eat.Play.Sex. where we have guest UMIE pleasure toy company on to share with us about what we need to be looking for when shopping for sex toys.

You DO deserve to have the sex and love life of your dreams, and it starts with learning your (and your partner’s) body and how it operates. To empower men and women for creating their own pleasure in and out of the bedroom, let us show you the way.

Because #sexmatters

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