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Imagine if our world celebrated and uplifted the feminine in a way that included our masculine as well.

The Goddess Celebration is an annual event held in the beautiful Malibu, CA by myself, Nick Spano, and the LA-based Re/creation Cafe. The day is designed with the intention to celebrate the feminine in its most beautiful forms of love, creativity, flow, and companionship, where so often we find competition, destruction, and exclusion. Simultaneously, we recognize that we live in a world along side the masculine and cannot continue to uplift women without recognizing the positive qualities and presence of our men as well. During the event we have a hand-selected group of men from the community representing the strong, honorable, and supportive masculine who served silently while holding safe space for the feminine to flow freely and authentically during the day. These men give back to the women community by giving massages, foot baths, serving food, sharing body art, rose water spritz, hugs, and dancing, all while keeping silent in order for women to practice receiving without feeling guilt or the need to reciprocate the acts in return.

It is our mission to help women find community among one another in a place of competition. We want to be the change we want to see in the world and we want to start that out with a celebration!

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Check out the videos and photos from our past celebrations and stay tuned for future celebrations both in Malibu and in other major cities across the US!