Goddess Celebration: Rebirth

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to run our third Goddess Celebration with Nick Spano and Re/creation in beautiful Malibu, CA. This event was designed with the intention to celebrate the feminine in its most beautiful forms of love, creativity, flow, and companionship, where so often we find competition, destruction, and exclusion. Simultaneously, we recognize that we live in a world along side the masculine and cannot continue to uplift women without recognizing the positive qualities and presence of our men as well. The event included 25 men representing the strong, honorable, and supportive masculine who served silently while holding safe space for the feminine to flow freely and authentically during the day. These men gave back to the women community by giving massages, foot baths, serving food, sharing body art, rose water spritz, hugs, and dancing, all while keeping silent in order for women to practice receiving without feeling guilt or need to reciprocate the acts in return.

Over two hundred women participated in all day full of women-led workshops set to inspire women to try something they’ve never done or felt confident enough to try before. The afternoon started with the women being greeted by two of Re/creation’s women volunteers picking them up in a shuttle that was to take them to the secret location up in the Malibu mountains. These women set the scene for what the goddesses were about to experience and the reason for the masculine’s silence during the day.

Upon reaching the location, each woman was gifted a bracelet from MyIntent.com that was inscribed with the word “today” as an intention for each of the women to focus on what they wanted to create for themselves with this day. Men welcomed each of the women entering the property with burning sage to symbolize clearing any negative energy from societal expectations of what it means to be a woman. From there, the women were free to flow between making flower crowns for themselves or others, getting massage, swimming in the pool, soaking up the sun, vegan food, attending workshops, shopping from women-founded companies with products for women, dancing to women DJs, and connecting deeply with all the other women attendees.

From the start of the event through the end, the women were able to participate in a variety of workshops held on top of a hill with 360 degree view of the ocean and Malibu mountains. Heidi Hong with Xanadu got the day flowing with a playful yoga class followed by the sweet and centering meditation by Gina Marie. Women gathered close and snuggled in as Kathy Eldon shared an uplifting speech and reading from her book In the Heart of Life about life, death, and the power of the human spirit to overcome obstacles. Amie Barsky led a beautiful activity for writing intention/releases on butterfly cards. Leah Russel and Kelly Thayer showed the meaning of strength and supporting one another through Acro Yoga. Miyoko Rifkin helped the goddesses embody their sexuality through a pole dancing class. Veronica Camaioni showed the women how to fly with aerial silks and Amber Barker ended the evening with a choreographed dance that was performed for the rest of the attendees at the closing.

After the sun had set over the horizon, all the men and women gathered together for a beautiful closing ceremony that would bring the intention of the day around in full circle. The men circled facing out and with their eyes closed in a whisper ceremony. The women attendees were invited to share with the men in whispers or hugs what they were appreciative of the men sharing with them that day. Some of the women shared blessings, words of gratitude, words of love, stories of never having experienced men in a safe way before, and hugs that said all the words that were needed. This was a chance for the women to give back to the men and acknowledge what they had experienced. In turn, the men were able to receive how they can affect women in a positive and loving way. In closing, I reminded the women about what this celebration was about, and encouraged them to not let it just be a one day occurrence, but rather to celebrate being a goddess, uplifting other goddesses, and seeing the positive qualities and influence of the masculine who live with us everyday. Nick Spano shared his own insight and gratitude on behalf of Re/creation.  The beautiful day completed with an event-wide embrace in which you could feel each person relax into the others out of complete trust, love, and support.

Each time we lead this event I am filled with so much awe from what I see, feel, and learn. My personal intention through this experience is to help create a world in which women gather in positive support for one another; for women to be able to receive nurturing themselves; to practice self-love; to play openly and authentically; and to see and experience the masculine in a way that is non-threatening and full of love and respect. I’m honored to be working with Nick Spano and the rest of the Re/creation team to be the change we want to see in the world, starting with a celebration. We continue to re-create community in place of competition and we are doing this through play.

May every women remember they are a goddess and accept the treatment the deserve.

Keep on Playing. Live life sensually.



For more information or photos/videos from the event check out recreationcafe.com or on Instagram #goddesscelebration @recreationcafe @sexloveyoga




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