Feminine Healing Retreat in Thailand

I recently returned from Thailand co-leading a women’s sexual empowerment retreat with Dr. Ava Cadell. You can read about her experience on her blog.

This retreat for me was very powerful and special from my position, as it was the first retreat I’ve co-led for a completely other culture than myself. The Feminine Healing retreat was hosted in the beautiful Pattaya, Thailand with 30 incredible Chinese women seeking to ignite or strengthen their sexuality.

Over the course of 3 days, Dr. Ava and I led the women through activities designed to help them experience themselves as sexual beings and develop the skills for maintaining this attitude in their daily lives and relationships back home.

Each morning I led a yoga class that progressively became more sensual. These classes were designed to help the women drop down into their bodies and out of their busy brains, creating an experience of deepening their connection within, while igniting and expanding the sexual energy.

Dr. Ava and I spoke lectures and activities introducing the women to the Chakra system as it related to the endocrine system and sexuality. The women also gained knowledge in understanding how they could test for the functioning of the different chakras, as well as, strategies for improving them.

We led experiences for the women to feel how they saw their bodies and how this was impacting their sex life. Using activities and affirmations for positive reframing, the women had opportunity to reclaim their bodies and celebrate them as beautiful again.


The second day was filled with fun and playfulness as our lectures focused on the power of play in the bedroom using BDSM, Role Play, and Strip Tease as ways to build excitement and bonding within sex. The women took on sexual personalities and costumes to support sexual self-discovery and power. It was incredible to witness as many of them who had started the retreat as hesitant and not wanting to participate turn into being the first to volunteer, dress down, or laugh out loud to the activities given. 



The last day was focused on bringing the women into wholeness using touch. Dr. Ava demonstrated the use of Tantric massage to introduce the women to sensual touch to stimulate the 5 senses and ground them and their partners into the experience. I led a lecture and demonstration about the conscious energetic touch in reiki energy work.

These women left the retreat bright, laughing, and expressive; however, I too left feeling uplifted and energized.  I can see how this experience was just as enlightening and empowering for myself. I witnessed in-person how these Chinese women viewed sex and their bodies. I heard their emotions as a result of the beliefs that impeded their ability to be sexually expressive and open. It was fascinating for me to hear how they viewed Western ideas of sexuality and how they saw Dr. Ava and myself in those roles of leading these discussions. These women wanted a more satisfying sexual life, and they sought out a way to be able to attain it. It reminds me that we as human beings want intimacy, connection, and the freedom to experience pleasure and playfulness, no matter what culture you’re from. How we treat and talk and act around the topic of sex is one way we can very quickly see how we inhibit ourselves from living openly and authentically in this world. By learning how we can challenge those barriers that keep us from living in sensuality or sexuality, we can free ourselves to live a life WE choose, instead of what society chooses for us. This experience only further ignites my passion for my work and excitement to continue.

Retreats are powerful. They give you the space to show up for yourself and get real with what’s been impeding you from meeting your optimal self, all while being supported lovingly by a community of like-minded, growth seeking individuals. In an intentionally created environment, you experience activities designed to help you FEEL into what’s really going on consciously or unconsciously in your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors as perpetuating outcomes that are preventing you from your highest self.

If you are ready to step forward and face those difficult realities in order to step into the life and person you can be, then retreats are a unique and powerful catalyst for your journey. 

I invite you to join me on any one of my transformational retreats or workshops surrounding self-growth, sexuality, and health. 

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