Breaking Up with Perfectionism

Hi my name is Cat and I am a recovering perfectionist…And then I got with good enough and my life has never been better.

Anyone else resonate?

While we think perfectionism motivates us to achieve success and greatness in life, it simultaneously causes anxiety, difficulty recognizing when we are done, fearing even getting started, self-criticism when our expectations aren’t being met, made-up deadlines that are unrealistic and created by ourselves ,avoiding asking for help because either we hold the vision and no one else can do the job right OR we fear others will see us as incapable/less than if we ask.

Now see how your perfectionism is impacting your relationships.

Do you avoid entering into relationships for fear you aren’t good enough/attractive/ valuable enough yet?

Do you not speak up for your needs because you want to appear as highly evolved and not needy?

Do you end relationships because it wasn’t meeting your expectation or fantasy of what a relationship should look like?

Do you constantly question and criticize your own actions thinking you f*cked it up again and they won’t want you anymore?

Or do you hold onto relationships or marriages way longer than is good for you because you’re afraid you’ll have been a failure?

Dear, it’s time you dumped perfectionism. You ARE good enough.

Every cell of your being. Stay open. Stay centered.

Be in flow.

Don’t force.

Don’t chase.



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