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Sex for Pleasure

Sex for pleasure is a complex concept. While conventional sex suggests an image of stick tab A into slot B and wiggle around, this image is quite limiting and quite frankly, gets a bit boring over time. Yet this image is perpetuated by social images of male to female penetration, orgasm (maybe), rest. But what […]

Relationship Design

What do we imagine when we say the words “relationship” or “commitment” or “marriage”? Two individuals committing their life, sex, intimate self-knowledge, and dreams together? Or how about three individuals sharing a house, kids, sexual adventures together and a part, and plans for the future? We all enter into relationships having different expectations, desires, curiosities, […]

Male Erection and Ejaculation: The Mind-Body Connection

What is good sex? Does it need to require orgasm, penetration, or certain amount of time or activity? Nope. And yet our social understanding of what sex is and looks like can prevent activity to look however it wants/needs to look, often causing shame. “You’re having good sex when you feel good about yourself, good […]

Breaking Up with Perfectionism

Hi my name is Cat and I am a recovering perfectionist…And then I got with good enough and my life has never been better. Anyone else resonate? While we think perfectionism motivates us to achieve success and greatness in life, it simultaneously causes anxiety, difficulty recognizing when we are done, fearing even getting started, self-criticism […]

How ‘Cliterate’ are you?

Did you know that the clitoris had 8000 nerve endings while the penis has only 4000?? Or that the only purpose found for the structure of the clitoris is for pleasure? Or that the clitoris is WAY more than the little button that peeks out? It actually extends back into the body and looks more […]

Sometimes Planned Spontaneity Is Sexy

Busy brain? Busy life? Busy body? I got you. Many MANY times I work with couples who tell me that they just don’t have time or that they struggle with remembering to get flirty or do something sexy for their partner in the day or I give assignments for them to get playful or frisky […]