Building a Culture on Empathy

Finding that part within your human self that connects with the experience of another human being. Feeling WITH someone else. That is empathy.

This past weekend I had the honor and joy to be a part of Xanadu Camp leading a workshop on empathy. A skill I use on a daily basis as a therapist and healer and so so happy to have gotten to share that passion and knowledge with others. The workshop did get intense as people realized their own barriers they put up to lessen their ability to connect or to allow others in. Honing in and strengthening your skills of empathy can improve many aspects of your life, including work, relationships, family, sex, effective communication, physical and mental health. And at the same time, it can be scary because it requires you to look in on your own self. It requires you to heal so that you can hold space for another without your stuff getting in the way or draining you of what little energy you have left already. It requires you to be fully present.

Are you ready to go there and connect at that level?

Are you ready to go there and connect at that level?


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