Aparigrapha, the yoga principal of not coveting or non-attachment.

So often we go about our day comparing ourselves to others walking past. Desiring something that is not currently in our possession. Attached to our worldly possessions, people we care about, ideals about who we want to be. And how do we feel as a result? We feel less than, incompetent, anxious, empty.



Everything in your own universe comes and goes. Everything has an end, both good and bad. “This too shall pass” reminds us that everything has a time and a purpose for being with us at that exact moment, and then it will leave us. And we will be ok.

In a perfect world, we would be able to maintain non-attachment to anything and not be affected negatively when it is time for it to leave us. However, we are in a world in which we fall in love, we make friendships, we care, we attach, we dream. I simply encourage you to practice a level of aparigraha in which you can let go, say your peace and be grateful for the time it was with you, and continue to live. You will be ok.


Instead of allowing jealousy to flood your system, breath in a sense of gratitude. Shift your attention to something you are thankful for, something that puts a smile on your face. You have all the resources you need. One person’s path is different from your own. Why would you want to force yourself into another’s that may not fit you. The world is infinite and what we can attract for ourselves is infinite. Instead of thinking that this person is getting in our way or causing us to hate ourselves, why don’t we practice seeking that which will help us grow. Look for motivation and the confidence that we can succeed in our own way. Jealousy will only distract you from your own power and your own potential. Aparigrapha allows us to look internally for the brilliance that is you, rather than looking externally at others’ successes that may dim our own light.


Instead of grasping so tightly to certain ideals, fantasies, or people that give us that gut feeling that something is not right, anxiety, panic, fear. Maybe it’s time you loosen your grip and allow space for growth in another area. It may be that you are preventing yourself from what the world is trying to do for you.

You will be ok.

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