About Me

You are welcome in this space and I am so grateful and honored you found me. This space is open to all of those curious about themselves, open to concept and practice of growth, uncertain (yes, uncertain), and desiring to propel forward into your most radiant self.

I, too, have experienced times of darkness, loneliness, fear, and uncertainty. Looking back at these times I realize they were the most monumental times in my life as their discomfort was what gave me the opportunities for learning and propelled me forward into growth.

It takes courage to look at yourself, in your entirety, to identify those beliefs and patterns that do not serve your highest self. I have worked with children and adults experiencing issues of anxiety, depression, major life changes, relationship issues, family issues, spirituality, substance abuse, eating disorders, divorce, sexual difficulties, and more.

In my own studies of psychotherapy, EMDR, energy psychology, yoga, and modern sciences, I have realized that sustainable healing must occur on multiple levels, not just the mental or physical. That is why my approach is inclusive of the mind, body, spirit, and the energy that moves through it.

We will work experientially to better understand, shift, and reprogram old messages that do not serve us, while identifying specific actions to help you maintain the balance for your optimal self.

Sex has always been an intriguing mystery to me. Why does one person respond to sex in this way while another responds to it in another? In my own studies, I have discovered sex to be a vast and powerful journey for each individual being, only realized its potential when really explored.

As a sex therapist, I have worked with numerous couples and individuals who sought to understand and enliven their sexual selves. When we understand the barriers that keep us from ourselves, we can open ourselves to the infinite power and possibilities that is us.

I believe love and sex comes in many forms, as unique as the individuals we are, and I want you to feel safe in exploring what that means for you. My work is inclusive of all sexual orientations, identities, lifestyles—traditional and kink. I understand the complexities and potential blocks of open relationships (and their other forms). I see the influence of messages from our society, family, and culture, that formulate our sexual scripts and desires. Let me be your guide in breaking free from those barriers keeping you from your sexual self.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist #88224 with my doctorate in the same field. My research focuses on marriages in which one partner identifies in the Kink or BDSM community and the other does not. I am currently fulfilling requirements to become AASECT-certified sex therapist and has completed over 120 hours of training in issues and topics related to sexuality, sexual/gender identity. I also am trained with the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) for trauma. In 2007 I received my Yoga Alliance Certification for instructing yoga and have been teaching ever since. I also hold a teaching certification for Shaktipat meditation from the Self-Awareness Institute and am certified with level two reiki energy work. As a result, I approach mental health from a holistic viewpoint, recognizing the strong link between body, mind, and spirit.

I am also a current member of the professional organizations AAMFT, CAMFT, CARAS, & AASECT.

I have a passion for sharing knowledge and want to get it out to you! I am the co-host to Eat. Play. Sex. Podcast with the renowned nutritionist and hormone expert, Diane Kazer, where we talk all things sexy, healthy, and fun! Check out our full-length episodes available for free download and streaming on iTunes today! 

Helping you to IGNITE your love life with sexy food and attitude so you can get back to play and pleasure in everything you DO. #sexmatters


Media and Publishing

Expert Writer for Consumer Health Digest

Featured speaker on yoga for intimacy and Sexycises at Sexual Health Expo 2017: SHE 2017

LAWeekly: 5 Important Things We Learned about Sex From Experts at the Sexual Health Expo

Co-producer for Ava Cadell’s latest book and instructional video: Sexycises

Resident Blogger for Yorgasmic.com

Resident Blogger for WildWoman.co

Elephant Journal: The Attraction of the Emotionally Unavailable

Spark Magazine: 6 Lessons You Can Learn About Intimacy Through Transformational Festivals

My workshops at major festivals and conferences are all about embracing playfulness and intimacy with the self and others. Click here to read about my workshop at Xanadu Wildlife Adventure Festival in Southern California.

Host of Playboy Radio’s show: The Couch

Host of Eat. Play. Sex. Podcast