Conscious Relationships

To become aware of our self, our partner, and our surroundings in order to create the love and peace we deserve.

Sex Expert

Helping you navigate the complex realities of sex and truly open and embrace your sexual birthright.

Holistic View

Looking at and treating the self as an intricate interaction between the mind, body, spirit


Offering EMDR treatment for processing trauma and stuck past disturbing events

Join me for this amazing 2 day women’s sexuality workshop!

April 1 & 2 join me as we delve into a exploring ourselves to evolve the relationship we have surrounding our bodies and sexuality. This workshop will be comprised of sex psychology, yoga, Tantric teachings, breath work, and sister support, to help you identify those barriers keeping you from your optimal sex life and self love.
Click here for more information and sign up today!

Is your busy brain getting in the way of your sex life? Receive my top 6 tips for mindful sex with this FREE e-book.

Eat. Play. Sex. Podcast with your Queens of Climax

WE ARE NOW LIVE! Sex expert Dr. Cat Meyer and nutritionist Diane Kazer know that you are bombarded daily with sex advice and images in the media and your social circle. They also know how this may actually be getting in the way of you experiencing your full sexual potential. In this 40 minute podcast, Dr. Cat and Diane reveal to you what works (and what doesn’t) in the most entertaining and easy to understand way so that you can get back to being the sexy thing you are. #sexmatters

Available on iTunes: Eat Play Sex

Transformative retreats and workshops to change your life

Experience coming home to yourself and opening up to your highest potential in any one of my unique and varied retreats and workshops. Combining the teachings of yoga, energy work, psychology, and sacred sexuality to provide you with a unique and holistic experience with others seeking more, just like yourself. Check out my past events and calendar of what’s to come. Hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events!

Refresh: Women’s Weekend Retreat

Join sex expert Dr. Cat Meyer and vegan chef Lizzie Pereira October 14-16 as we leave our busy lives behind and enter into the serene mountainscape of Three Rivers. This weekend is designed to help you come back to and embrace the peace within through morning yoga classes, workshops of self-discovery and sexuality, nature hikes through 10 acres of beautiful open land and rivers, hot springs, workshops about the healing power of food. You’ll leave this weekend feeling revitalized and with an inner stillness to carry with you into your Monday morning and beyond. Click here for more information!

Sexy Sunday Partner Yoga Flow (Monthly)

End your Sunday on a sexy note. Flowing through yoga poses designed to help you open through the body, heighten your senses, and connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. This class is a monthly event and is designed for all lovers..I mean levels. 😉 This class is designed for partners but don’t be afraid to come + leave with a new friend. Held at the beautiful Create Yoga Studio in Santa Monica. Sign up today at Next classes are already forming: August 21, September 25, October 30, November 20 7:30pm-8:45pm

Sensual Yoga Flow (Weekly Wednesday)

Flow oh so slowly and sensually through sexy beats and asanas designed to help you drop down into the body and increase sensitivity for all your sexy playtime. You’ll become very intimate with your body movement, emotional process, and realize strength and expansiveness you did not know you had. Class is candlelit to promote grounding and is designed for all levels. Check out for more information and to sign up.

Goddess Celebration July 9th!

Join us for a day celebrating the feminine in the beautiful Malibu California! It will be a day full of play, yoga, massage, women led talks, music, aerial yoga, vegan food, female vendors, tea lounge, pool, dance, and more! Creating the world in which women gather in positive support for one another and the masculine to hold safe and honored space for these women to flow in. See the retreats page for details

Live Life Sensually Workshop July 23

Have you ever wondered how some people float through their daily lives as if they were making love to everything in their path? Sounds yummy, ya?
Using the teachings from the Tantric and Taoist traditions, we will explore what sexual energy is and how to open into and move through it using pranayama, visualization, and body movement exercises. By the end of this workshop you will feel open to experiencing greater sensation of your surrounding space and able to make even your dullest of days vibrant with sensuality.

Being Venus: 8 week women’s group

Ever wanted to talk openly about your sexual desires and questions? In this 8 week program we will be exploring what it means to be a sensual, sexual Goddess while in the safe and supporting environment of our fellow women. Each gathering will be 90 minutes in length, and consist of a combination of education, skill building, processing, and sharing. Located in Los Angeles. New group forming in July, so stay tuned.

Building Intimacy Through Play!


I’ve been working with Dr. Ava Cadell, voted Sexpert of the Year and author of countless books in the world of sex and intimacy, on her latest book and instructional video “Sexycises by Sexperts: Intimacy by Yoga.”

I’m very excited to share with you both my loves of yoga and sex in these playful poses you and your partner can do at home! Check out the article here!

The book and video are set to release soon!

Coaching and Therapy via Skype

Not in Los Angeles? Travel frequently? No problem!

Perks of modern technology allows us to be able to connect and learn even when we are a part. That’s why I offer therapy and coaching services via phone and skype. Read more about the difference between coaching and therapy by clicking the button below.

About Me

Combining the teachings of yoga, energy work, psychology, and sexuality, I approach my work with clients on a multidimensional level. I recognize that no part of us exists on its own, but rather as an interconnected experience between mind, body, energy. We will look at all aspects of self to determine where we find us preventing ourselves from being our highest potential. When we understand the barriers that keep us from ourselves, we can open ourselves to the infinite power and possibilities that is us.

  • Celebrate You

    You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

  • Rewrite Your Own Story

    You are the author of your own story. How do you want to see it proceed?

  • Play often

    Play is powerful. Finding and removing those barriers that keep you from it can reveal to you a life only imagined.

  • Reclaim Your Body

    Come back home into the experience of being in your own skin.

  • Get Real With Yourself

    Only when we can truly show up for ourselves in authenticity and vulnerability can we have the relationship with ourselves and others that we desire.

Online Sex and Relationship Course

COMING SOON! Are you ready to up your skills in the bedroom while deepening your connection with your partner and relationship with self? These fun online video courses will educate you on the complexities of sex as it pertains to both men and women and provide practical tools for you to use both in and out of the bedroom, including:

  • Learn strategies to improve the romance in your life
  • How to communicate from a non-ego stance to deepen your connection with your mate
  • Identify the psychological factors that get in the way of our ability to partake and enjoy in sex
  • Define your own erotic map and unique arousal patterns to keep that spark alive

See what others are saying about me!

During this time in life, I was in a weak and emotionally difficult place. She’s very good at making others feel at ease, safe and loved while opening up about matters close to the heart. Anyone looking to do some deep, personal, inner work, I highly suggest Cat. I’ll never forget the love and light she shared with me during one of my darkest times.

I took one of Cat’s workshops at Xanadu and had such an awesome time. Not only does she create such a playful atmosphere, but her knowledge in science to back up everything she’s saying really grounds what she’s having us do and experience.

My experience at radiate retreat was incredible. For 4 days, I was loved and supported by a group of some of the most wise, loving, compassionate, and fun women I’ve ever met. I experienced being held and accepted in a deeply healing and transformative way. By the end, I felt uplifted, inspired, totally turned on, and transformed. And the location was pristine and absolutely beautiful!!!

The experience [Radiate Retreat] was incredible even though I missed a few things I would have loved to participate in. The girls are amazing leaders, and very knowledgeable. I left feeling enlightened and loved!

The hosts created a safe, welcoming environment for the women. It was easier for me to open up about my feelings because it felt like I was talking with family. I really appreciated that the other girls felt this way too because they were then able to voice the same self-doubts I’ve been carrying around. When we supported each other and saw we were not alone in our struggles, it helped alleviate the burden.